Concours jeune journaliste 2021/2022

Press release

The Young Journalist Competition enters its eighth phase

Matschwätzen, matmaachen, matentscheeden is the theme 2021/2022

In 2014, the Press Council organised a joint event with SCRIPT at the Centre for Civic Education, the “Young Journalist Competition”. The goal is to encourage students to work closely with journalists on a specific topic, and to learn about the critical and informative aspects and processes involved in researching and publishing a full report.

As part of the project, classes can also invite a professional journalist to come and talk to them about the profession and how to better develop their project. Each year, the jury decides on a topic on which the YJC students must write. For the 2021/2022 edition, the theme is “Matschwätzen, matmaachen, matentscheeden”. It is about the joy of social participation.

A new website and FAQs on journalistic projects

Are you interested in doing some serious research? Here you can find all the details about the YJC website. The website has been completely redesigned and is complemented by an introductory video, FAQs on journalistic projects and a glossary of media terms.

If you are interested in participating in the Young Journalist Competition 2021/2022, please visit the Young Journalist Competition website Concours jeune journaliste (

The deadline for the competition is 8 November 2021.