Concours jeune journaliste 2022/2023

Press release

“Solidarity in the foreground”.


Launch of the ninth edition

The “Young Journalist Competition” organised by the Press Council, the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth/SCRIPT and the “Zentrum für politesch Bildung” is back for another edition. This year’s theme is “Solidarity in the foreground”. School classes, other groups as well as pupils, teenagers and young adults in the age categories under 12, 13-15 and 16-25 years are allowed to participate. The registration form and further details can be found at Entries are open until 11th of November 2022.

The projects submitted must be journalistic productions on the required theme, which are produced as independently as possible by pupils and young people, either individually, in partnership or in groups. The projects may be published in German, English, French or Luxembourgish. The jury will subsequently evaluate the projects according to the following criteria Relevance, research, creativity and originality, content and presentation.

The following are considered to be journalistic contributions

– projects in the form of text, e.g. articles, reports, commentaries, interviews or online publications, etc. (max. 6,000 characters, including spaces);

– projects in photographic format, e.g. illustrated reports, photo reports, collages, etc. (max. 6,000 characters, including spaces);

– projects in audio format, e.g. radio programmes, podcasts, etc. (max. 15 minutes);

– projects in video format, e.g. documentaries, news programmes, etc. (max. 15 minutes)

– Journalistic websites (with a mix of different multimedia formats).

Participation is well worth it. Cheques of 250 and 150 euros and a visit to an editorial office of their choice await the top two in each age category.