Press Council Management 2020 - 2022

The Executive Board of the Press Council is composed of an equal number of editors and journalists and includes the President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer, two Vice-Presidents and three assessors. The first three terms of office alternate every two years between the group of publishers and the group of journalists.

The position of President is currently held by the publisher Jean-Lou Siweck (Editpress). During the Constitutive General Assembly at the end of March 2022, this function will be rotated between the group of journalists. It will be assisted by General Secretary Ines Kurschat (ALJP), Vice President Melody Hansen (ALJP), Vice President Paul Peckels (Saint Paul), Treasurer Emmanuel Fleig (Edita S.A.), as well as the members Luc Caregari (ALJP), David Gloesener (Eldoradio) and Christophe Langenbrink (ALJP).

The members of the Executive Board deal with the day-to-day business of the Press Council. They also make proposals to the General Assembly, which discusses and adopts them.

The Select Committee (President and General Secretary) meets weekly, the meetings of the entire Executive Board take place monthly. The administrative secretariat assists them in their work.


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ALJP - Association luxembourgeoise des journalistes professionnels

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