Training opportunities from the Press Council

a) Obligatory training courses for trainee journalists

As part of its training mission set out in article 23.3 of the law of 8 June 2004 on freedom of expression in the media, the Press Council offers obligatory training courses for trainee professional journalists with a view to obtaining the definitive press card for professional journalists.

The main subjects of these courses are

The code of ethics

Media and press law

Author’s rights

The courses take place twice a year (in German and French) and are offered free of charge by the Press Council.

The next session is scheduled for October 2023.

The exact date will be announced at a later date.


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b) Continuing training courses for professional journalists in Luxembourg

Press Council training courses

  •  Certifying training courses
  • Topical journalistic subjects
  • Presentations by journalists and experts


The Luxembourg Press Council is the independent self-regulatory body for the Luxembourg news media, composed equally of representatives of journalists and publishers. Created in 1979, it issues official press cards to professional journalists, deals with public complaints about the media, develops journalistic ethics and media education and organises certification training for trainee journalists and professional journalists. The Press Council is a member of the Alliance of Independent Press Councils of Europe (AIPCE).

Why choose Press Council training courses?

  •  The Press Council’s training courses lead to certification.
  • They enable you to acquire new knowledge on topical issues and meet the new challenges facing the press and media.
  • They are given by professional journalists and experts.
  • They take place at your newsroom and are adapted to your newsroom’s work rhythm.


Training courses are available all year round, depending on your availability and that of our trainers.


Price for 1 course : 300€.
Price for 5 courses : 1500€.
All our prices are exclusive of VAT (16% VAT).

Registration conditions:

  • Be a newsroom in Luxembourg
  • Be a professional journalist in Luxembourg
  • Groups of at least 5 people


For more information and to register, please contact us!

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